Guest post by the GSBC Bank Management Simulation faculty (Becky BuhrJonathan FinleyRoger GuerinPerry HaralsonMichelle HodgeBrent KlanderudJeff McDonaldCathy Morrissey, Lance Nunn and Kathy Schwerdtfager).


Every July the anticipation begins

Just like the students, we prepare to descend

On our home away from home for two weeks each year

Fueled by a passion for community banking so clear


Into majestic Boulder the Sim team will arrive

That view of the mountains makes us feel so alive

Visits a year apart, yet we never miss a beat

Friends who are like family, a reunion so sweet


A need to teach some of us didn’t know we had

But growing future bank leadership just makes us feel so glad

Our professional spirit is rejuvenated every day

The energy of young bankers never fades away


We couldn’t feel more honored to work under our great leader, Tim

And be a part of the top-notch faculty so loyal to him

Each of us GSBC students from back in the day

A fondness for a campus that will never go away


Burgers at the Dark Horse and evenings on Pearl

When you’re always on the go, those two weeks are a whirl

But after working all day, in the evenings we unwind

With team dinners out, poolside chats, Fat Tire and good wine


A combined 131 trips to Boulder for this team of banking pros

Giving back to our industry, our love for banking shows

The memories we’ll forever cherish of the friendships and the fun

Connections that will last a lifetime at the greatest banking school under the sun


  • Cathy Morrissey, Brent Klanderud, Kathy Schwerdtfager, Becky Buhr and Roger Guerin.


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