GSBC+Invest is a tiered training platform that powers the community bank investment portfolio by growing the skills of the team members who affect it.

Reliable and impartial investments education for portfolio managers, executive officers and directors is here.


Provides training on the mechanics and fundamentals of fixed-income investments from a community bank perspective.

Time Commitment: Self-paced
Level: Beginner
Audience: Portfolio managers, individuals tangentially involved in community bank investments & directors
Delivery: Virtual

Equips financial managers of community banks with strategies on how to manage an investment portfolio effectively and independently. Hands-on instruction in front of live Bloomberg terminals teaches participants how to analyze their bank’s own securities and potential investments.

Time Commitment: May 19-22, 2025 | University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business
Level: Intermediate
Audience: Individuals who have completed Bond Basics and/or portfolio managers & executive officers who play a role in making investment decisions
Delivery: In person

"In recent years, the investment portfolio has played a more important role for community banks. However, changing conditions and market volatility have made effective portfolio management increasingly critical. GSBC+Invest offers essential building blocks that provide the knowledge needed to enhance your skills as an investment portfolio manager for your institution."