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From learning, networking and exploring, there are many moving parts to our Annual School Sessions. If you’re wondering what all the buzz is about regarding the GSBC experience, here is a high-level view of what to expect at GSBC:

Networking & Events

Peer Group Program

Each new student is assigned a peer group to facilitate pre-arrival connections among students, giving them a solid, built-in group of colleagues and friends to navigate their time at GSBC together.

Why peer groups are a pillar of the GSBC experience:

Relationships: GSBC’s Peer Group Program ensures a space where participants are exposed to peer learning, collaboration, encouragement and constructive feedback, which produces a diverse and wise group of thought leaders.

Community: You are officially part of America’s Premier Community Banking School; a badge of honor we don’t take lightly. Our goal with our Peer Group Program is designed to create strong, lasting bonds among its members, creating tight-knit peer communities that empower its members to positively impact their institutions’ communities at home.

On their first evening at GSBC, peer groups will have the opportunity to connect in person at the peer group-exclusive Bolder Bonding: Peer Group Dinner & Showcase!

GSBC-sponsored Activities

While GSBC-sponsored events are optional, they are highly encouraged to forge relationships with colleagues. They include:

  • Peer Group Dinner NightWhen all peer groups meet for the first time in person through dinner and an interactive activity.
  • State Dinner Night: A designated evening for all students from your state to hit the town at one of Boulder’s renowned restaurants.
  • Golf Tournament: On the Sunday between Weeks 1 & 2, GSBC holds a student/alumni/faculty golf tournament at one of Colorado’s renowned courses with an excellent view of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Battle of the Classes: This student-favorite event allows students to connect with classmates in a friendly field day competition.
  • Rockies Game: GSBC annually partners with the Colorado Rockies, providing our students with a summer evening in Denver at Coors Field.

Learning Atmosphere

Most classes are held at CU Boulder’s state-of-the-art Wolf Law Building, featuring technologically advanced wireless networking, video conferencing and video recording capabilities, immersing students in an engaging and comfortable environment. To know more about who teaches classes at GSBC, learn about our faculty.

Committed to Lead Micro-Credential

The Committed to Lead Micro-Credential, a Bolder Banking initiative, is supplementary coursework offered to second- and third-year students that is designed to build bold, future-oriented community bank leaders. By completing Committed to Lead coursework, students will have a greater understanding of what it takes to boldly lead a high-performing community bank into the future.

Learn More About Committed to Lead

Signals Group

Rising third year students have the opportunity to join a ‘Signals Group’ for their Strategic Topic project, where the group members conduct research regarding technology and “signals” of change. The group then engages in peer learning and teaching.

Read: GSBC Students Identify Signals of Change Informing Community Banking’s Future

Special Presentations & Evening Receptions

Our students hear industry experts speak on current issues in community banking throughout each two-week session, presented as keynote and panel sessions.

Wolf Law Building

General Schedule

Schedule will vary based on student year.

  • Sunday late morning/early afternoon: Arrive and settle into on-campus housing
  • Monday-Friday: Week 1 classes (daily lunch break provided)
  • Weekend: On your own or GSBC-organized event(s)
  • Monday-Thursday: Week 2 classes (daily lunch break provided)
  • Friday Week 2: Students dismissed at noon; School Session concludes

One Word: Location

GSBC is fortunate to call gorgeous Boulder, Colorado, our home. And, for two weeks a year, our students get to too! Not only do students get to wake up at the foothills of the Flatirons Mountains and learn on a prestigious campus with breathtaking views, there are endless things to do outside of class. From exploring Pearl Street Mall‘s iconic shops and restaurants to venturing on a nearby hike, there’s never a dull moment when you’re in Boulder (not to mention it’s only 30 minutes from Denver)!


GSBC utilizes CU Boulder housing complexes to accommodate students. All complexes include include air conditioning, WiFi, a microwave and mini-fridge, a community kitchen on the main floor, social and study lounges and laundry facilities.


GSBC partners with the Center for Community (C4C) and Village Center Café for meals, with Kittredge Market also being a student favorite. Additionally, there are boxed lunches and evening receptions planned throughout the two-week session.


The CU Boulder campus is walkable, but GSBC runs shuttle buses among Wolf Law, the C4C dining hall and housing complexes during the morning, lunchtime and evening commutes to give students a convenient way to make it to their next destination.


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Flatirons Mountains in Boulder, Colorado