GSBC+Invest Bond Basics

Available Year-Round | Self-Paced Virtual Course | Audience: Beginner

Foundational Investments Training

Bond Basics is a self-paced virtual course designed to provide attendees with an understanding of the basic aspects of the investment portfolio. Participants may begin their Bond Basics coursework at any time.


The GSBC+Invest Bond Basics virtual course provides portfolio managers and individuals new to bank investments training on the mechanics and fundamentals of fixed-income investments from a community-banking perspective. Bond Basics is a pre-requisite of the GSBC+Invest Community Bank Investments School.


Course Objectives

  • Develop a working knowledge of the terminology used with bond investing
  • Understand the risks and rewards of different types of investment securities commonly used by community banks
  • Comprehend the role of the Treasury yield curve and FHLB advance curve in bond pricing
  • Develop an understanding of basic investment portfolio strategies

Upon completion of Bond Basics, students will be prepared to begin applying their knowledge  to their banks’ own portfolios in the GSBC+Invest Community Bank Investments School.

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Registration & Fees

Bond Basics is a beginner-level course that is best suited for portfolio managers, individuals tangentially involved in investments and directors of community banks.

GSBC+Invest subscribers receive one registration to Bond Basics and may register additional attendees at a discounted rate. Registration is also open to non-subscribing institutions/individuals.

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Meet the Instructor

Chris Nelson is president of Nelson Capital Advisors, an investment advisory firm serving community-based financial institutions. He has been involved in banking and investments for almost 30 years, formerly serving as the chief investment officer and director of finance & treasury for a New England-based community bank.

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