Chris Nelson is president of Nelson Capital Advisors, an investment advisory firm serving community-based financial institutions. He is also the creator of Bond Investment Mentor, a website and podcast dedicated to helping community bankers learn about fixed income investments and portfolio management.

Chris has been involved in banking and investments for almost 30 years, formerly serving as the chief investment officer and director of finance & treasury for a New England-based community bank. In addition to managing the bank’s $1 billion investment portfolio, he was responsible for supervising the bank’s financial operations relating to liquidity and funds management, asset/liability and interest rate risk management, loan and deposit pricing, hedging and derivative activities and international services.

In addition to serving as a faculty member for banking and investment schools in Colorado and South Carolina, Chris has worked as an adjunct instructor for the University of Maine Business School. He has also been a featured speaker at several banking conferences.

Chris has an undergraduate degree in finance from Excelsior College and a graduate degree in finance from Cambridge College. He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from the CFA Institute.