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Let’s Celebrate! GSBC Turns 70

For 70 years, the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC) has been America’s premier community banking school. Since 1950, GSBC has been entrusted by the financial services industry to develop its leaders with world-class education and unmatched networking opportunities, all at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

Podcast: What is the First Step to Developing a Sound Investment Strategy for Bond Portfolio Management?

Tune into this podcast with Community Bank Investments School faculty member, Chris Nelson, to explore fixed income investments, portfolio management and more. In the show, he will help you learn how to use your investment portfolio more effectively to help your institution meet its goals and optimize its performance. Above all, you’ll take away from…

Investment Strategy: Risk/Reward With Mortgage Investing

Bankers track many key interest rates, but surely mortgage rates get a lot of attention, as they can have a significant impact on a community bank’s earnings and profitability. Residential mortgage loans typically represent a meaningful earning asset for many financial institutions. Additionally, an average bank investment portfolio often holds an allocation of mortgage products, the…

2020 Gold Rush Referral Program

GSBC’s prime enrollment period is here, and you can get rewarded for helping in our recruitment efforts! Alumni and students are eligible to earn two tiers of rewards by referring colleagues and fellow community bankers to GSBC’s core programs: 70th Annual School Session Executive Development Institute for Community Bankers® Community Bank Investments School How to…

The Meaning of Excess Reserves in Today’s Financial System

At the September Federal Open Market Committee meeting, the Fed felt that, with “ample reserves” in our banking system, they could orchestrate a cut in the federal funds rate (the interest rate on overnight reserves exchanged between banks) by simply announcing the new lower target for the funds rate to be in the range of…

Unplugging the Dam – Working Faster Payments into Business Receivables

The question you need to ask your treasury services department is, “Are we initiating the conversations with our business customers that will highlight ways we can be strategic?”. Instant payments may only look like a trickle now, but by taking a strategic approach to solving the current problems of today, your business will be prepared…

Forecasted Returns and Other Great Stories of Fiction

“…But how should savvy investors interpret forecasted returns? Can they be reasonably trusted? Consider that a fixed-income investor might forecast a specific total return (nominal yield + price change) assuming a future market yield (price) for a given investment period and be quite close to achieving the forecasted total return if the guestimated future yield…

2019 Alumni Association Golf Tournament

Sunday, July 21, 2019 8:00 a.m. Shotgun Start Walnut Creek Golf Preserve Westminster, CO   Come out and join fellow classmates, faculty, trustees, alumni and friends for a fun-filled day on the greens with a marvelous view of the Colorado Rocky Mountains! Walnut Creek Golf Preserve is located in Westminster, CO, just 20 minutes from Boulder….

Funding Costs Still on the Rise: Betas Hit the Accelerator

Over the past year, financial institutions across the country have seen an acceleration in funding costs. Historically, institutions have been successful in delaying rate increases on deposits during the initial stage of the rate cycle, then slowly increasing deposit rates for the second third of the cycle. From late 2015 through 2017, institutions enjoyed the…

The 2019 Gold Rush Referral Program is Here

Alumni and students are eligible to earn great rewards by encouraging colleagues to enroll in the following GSBC programs:

69th Annual School Session
Executive Development Institute for Community Bankers®
Community Bank Investments School

How to Participate:
Click here to register as a member and get your own unique referral link.
Share your referral link with prospective students by February 1, 2019 via email or social media to receive a $25 Lands’ End Store Apparel Gift Certificate.
If your referred candidate(s) complete the request information form on your unique link and enroll by February 15, 2019, you’ll receive a $200 cash reward for each one!

Cash Flow and Bond Gains

As the general consensus continues to suggest higher Treasury rates ahead, portfolio managers should remember the importance of cash flow and price stability. Predictably, unrealized losses expand as interest rates increase. Additionally, cash flow from securities with optionality tend to slow considerably, delaying the re-pricing of principal and aggravating losses.

GSBC Launches Alumni Ambassador Program

The GSBC Alumni Association is pleased to announce the addition of a new program aimed at keeping alumni involved beyond graduation, the Alumni Ambassador Program.