Celebrate 70

Join us as GSBC celebrates 70 years of educating community bank leaders! We wouldn’t be the organization we are today without our students, alumni, faculty and supporters and we can’t wait to celebrate with you all year long.

Celebrate Instructors

Each summer, banking industry experts and regulatory professionals take two weeks out of their demanding lives to continue GSBC’s legacy of educational excellence. Our faculty members have enriched thousands of careers (and lives!) since 1950.

What do you love about GSBC’s instructors?
Celebrate Instructors with us– submit your stories and photos below.

GSBC’s Celebrate 70 campaign aims to engage the school’s students, alumni, faculty and supporters in a year-long commemoration of its history, accomplishments and traditions.

The Brains Behind GSBC

The Legacy of Gaylord Jentz

Guest Post by GSBC Faculty Member Roger Guerin: “It is the faculty that makes the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado what it is today,” often states Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC) President Tim Koch, and I believe this to be of the utmost truth.

Cheers to 70 Years! A Poem by the GSBC Bank Simulation Team

Guest post by the GSBC Bank Management Simulation faculty (Becky Buhr, Jonathan Finley, Roger Guerin, Perry Haralson, Michelle Hodge, Brent Klanderud, Jeff McDonald, Cathy Morrissey, Lance Nunn and Kathy Schwerdtfager).

GSBC Faculty: Who’s Behind the Instructor?

GSBC faculty members hail from across the country to come to Boulder each July. They help shape community bankers’ careers and futures, and make lasting impacts on every student they teach.

Celebrate Boulder

Boulder, Colorado. The place GSBC calls home. We may be biased, but Boulder is one of the best places to spend two weeks each summer. From the diverse dining on Pearl Street and the hiking opportunities, to the immaculate University of Colorado campus and waking up to the Flatirons, Boulder is where it’s at.

What do you love about Boulder?
Celebrate Boulder with us– submit your stories and photos below.

GSBC’s Celebrate 70 campaign aims to engage the school’s students, alumni, faculty and supporters in a year-long commemoration of its history, accomplishments and traditions.

Itching to get back to Boulder? We can see why! Join us for the 2020 Community Bankers Summit in Boulder July 26-28, 2020. Learn more.

Boulder: The Birthplace of GSBC

The Results Are In! GSBC Alumni’s Boulder Memories

We asked, and GSBC alumni delivered! Since they spent a total of six weeks (42 days!) in Boulder, we wanted to know the lasting impression Boulder had on our former students.

GSBC at CU Boulder: Then & Now

The University of Colorado Boulder has served GSBC well since the school’s founding in 1950, and has provided GSBC students an immaculate campus to learn and network.

Boulder, Colorado: Find Big Inspiration in a City of Learners

The town of Boulder, with its iconic Flatirons mountains, historic downtown and blue skies is more than just a pretty setting for the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC).

Celebrate Relationships

GSBC makes relationships as much of a priority as we do community banking. After all, the backbone of community banking is relationships! To do so, GSBC ensures students interact closely with one another and faculty in classroom sizes conducive to peer-learning and interaction.

Over the years, we’ve heard countless stories from alumni that the #1 thing they walk away from GSBC with–besides the education–is the strong friendships centered around their main commonality, community banking. In an effort to shed light on this aspect of GSBC, we’re here this month to celebrate these relationships.

Archive photo of students talking outside

GSBC’s Celebrate 70 campaign aims to engage the school’s students, alumni, faculty and supporters in a year-long commemoration of its history, accomplishments and traditions.

Celebrate Relationships Infographic

Relationships Through The Years

From Friends to Coworkers

Two Nebraskans met at GSBC. By nurturing this friendship, they became coworkers seven years later. Read Allen Chaffee’s reflection on he and Barry Lockard’s friendship.

Two Arkansans Bond in Colorado

A story about how Colorado brought two Arkansas community bankers together, Natalie Bartholomew tells how meeting Erica at GSBC has made a lasting impact.

The Best of Friends, 30 Years Post-Graduation

Thirty years after GSBC, four ladies have remained the best of friends. Read Becky Sorbel’s reflection on the friendship they developed at GSBC.

A Message From our President

“For 70 years, the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC) has been America’s premier community banking school. Since 1950, GSBC has been entrusted by the financial services industry to develop its leaders with world-class education and unmatched networking opportunities, all at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.”

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Timothy Koch

Share Your Story

Collecting Stories

Connect with other alumni and join the celebration! It only takes a few moments to add your experience to our collection.

We’re excited to share your stories as a part of our Celebration – whether educational, recreational, funny or serious, this month we’re looking for stories about GSBC instructors.

  • Do you have a funny story about a GSBC instructor?
  • What instructor had the biggest impact on you?
  • What’s a takeaway you still carry that an instructor gave you?
  • Do you have a significant memory of one of GSBC’s faculty members?

We’d love to include your photos in our gallery! Please include names and year the photo was taken. From selfies to group shots and fun pictures of your adventures at GSBC. Your stories and photos will be published over the coming months our Celebrate 70 website, newsletters, and social media.

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