9 Class Hours

Instructor: Larry Young

The curriculum of this course is designed to go deeper than basic business development and a generalized sales management process. In the new era of selling, customers are wielding more power over the buying process than ever before. Bankers need to gain insights in how to compete in today’s competitive world of banking, not just being told to make more calls. They must be more intentional and strategic in their business development process.

Participants are expected to leave each of these sessions with powerful actionable steps they can implement the moment they leave and meets today’s changing landscape of business development.  The cutting-edge content will be delivered in such a matter that while in attendance, bankers and regulators will engage in deep discussion with peers, thought provoking exercises, and build insights that they can take back to their organizations. In addition, the goal of the class is for participants to learn the following objectives:

First Objective: To establish the first building blocks of their business development strategy. Participants will learn how the business development process has changed and how they can position themselves as a trusted advisor. They will understand how the old ways of business development are not creating value for their customers and prospects.

Second Objective: To teach participants how to create a vast network of people that can help open doors to new business opportunities.  Participants will leave shedding off the old ways of networking and gain insights into how to leverage their existing portfolio to help them connect to the prospects of their choosing.

Third Objective: To understand fully how to develop a calling script that is meant to set the business development process in motion to not sound like their competitors. This will help to build confidence with bankers in the initial phase of business development.

Fourth Objective: Participants will learn how to prepare and conduct a powerful sales meeting that are designed to have the banker take back control of the buying process. Bankers will understand how to use advanced techniques that will leave the decision-maker wanting to take further calls, return emails, or accepting additional appointments.


Annual School Session

First Year Core Course

Competency: Innovation & Engagement