9 Class Hours

Instructor: Mike Milan

This course is for those who are passionate about strengthening community ties by supporting local business owners. By focusing on practical strategies and techniques, this class equips bankers with the essential skills to improve relationships, enhance bankability, and elevate the financial acumen of small business owners, ultimately helping to grow your loan portfolio.

This unique course blends business development and credit training tailored specifically for bankers focused on small businesses. You’ll learn how to effectively call on and assist small business owners, fostering a relationship banking model that is sustainable and impactful.

The course is both practical and hands-on, using real case studies and role-plays to highlight the challenges and issues faced by business owners. Bankers will gain the tools to communicate effectively with non-financially oriented business owners with sales under $15 million, enhancing their ability to have meaningful and productive conversations. These enriched interactions will add significant value to customer relationships and help drive business success.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Developing Credibility With A Prospect Before The First Meeting
  • The Most Important Question A Banker Can Ask a Business Owner
  • Uncovering Initial Financial Indicators
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Understanding The Impact of Ratio Analysis
  • Helping Business Owners Understand The Financial Cause & Effect of Their Actions

Join this course to build the skills necessary to make a tangible difference in the small business sector and become a trusted advisor in your community.


Annual School Session

Second Year Elective Course

Competency: Lending