Mike Milan, AKA Cash Flow Mike, is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of diverse professional experience in strategic planning, finance, and sales. He has developed 14 startups into well-established businesses, earning him the nickname “Cash Flow Mike.”

An army Veteran and an MBA from Baylor University, Mike is the author of two books, “The 7 Minute Conversation” and “Don’t Be A DUMB Business Owner,” focusing on using financial statements to find hidden cash in businesses. He created a financial management training program called “The Clear Path To Cash” and several FinTech software products like CashFlowTool, Finagraph, Path by Simplex and The Clear Path To Cash.

Mike co-hosts the podcast “Mike & Blaine,” where they discuss entrepreneurial lessons. Currently, he is the business financial specialist behind the brand Cash Flow Mike, helping business owners grow and retain more cash in their businesses.