3.5 Hours

Instructor: Dr. Tony Kong

Diversity is a human condition, and learning how to leverage diversity is a lifelong pursuit. Granted, it is not easy to leverage diversity despite the importance of doing so.

What are some major barriers to diversity leveraging? Are you ready to lead a diverse organization in the 21st century? This class will approach diversity from a broad view, not focused on any specific aspect. The goal is to maximize the performance of the team, drive financial performance and improve employee retention.

Learning Objectives
This course is built upon foundational knowledge of leadership, teams and psychology. As it entails interactive case analyses, discussions, exercises, simulations and teamwork, the course is expected to be enjoyable, dynamic and informative. You will be encouraged to think critically and creatively to develop pragmatic solutions.


Annual School Session 

Third Year GSBCx Course

Track: Innovation & Engagement