5 Class Hours

Instructor: Steven Gonzalo

This course will explore the common characteristics of banks that consistently achieve high performance (HP) and how to apply them in a community bank. We will focus primarily on commercial banks and not on single line of business or specialty banks.

If all banks claim to aspire to be HPs, why do so few achieve it? We will examine and discuss a few easily recognized HPs and contrast with a few of the enrolled participants. The class will consider non-traditional threats to banking and how HP banks are preparing to compete.

How will HP banks maintain relevance and what may happen to underperforming banks? We will examine the role of performance incentives and provide specific examples of plans to create a culture of HP.

Can HP be achieved without excessive leverage and risk? We will explore how to maintain a positive relationship with regulators as you work to achieve HP.  Participants will be asked to apply the material to their institutions and develop action plans for achieving HP.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the metrics of a “High Performance Bank”
  • Understand why a diverse balance sheet and income statement are essential to achieving High Performance through economic cycles
  • Learn the cultural components common to High Performance Banks
  • Understand how to evaluate “lines of business” performance relative to goals
  • Learn to manage barriers to High Performance


Annual School Session 

Second Year Elective

Competency: Financial Management & Strategy