9 Class Hours

Instructor: Suzi Kalsow

This course will explore the many facets that work together to develop great leaders. The course has been designed to highlight various approaches to understanding and developing leaders and it utilizes a team-teaching approach. The course begins with the study of leadership styles, emotional intelligence theory, and wraps up with a personalized type indicator for each student. Each student will complete the Type Indicator prior to the session and analyze their results in this course.

At the completion of this class students will be able to:

  • Define their unique definition of leadership
  • Identify the most common styles of leadership in today’s business environment
  • Understand how to determine the organizational needs of leaders in their institutions
  • Differentiate leadership from management
  • Understand the relationship between IQ and EQ
  • Appreciate the importance of EQ to personal effectiveness, particularly as a leader
  • Increase self-awareness and confirm self-perception
  • Appreciate and learn how to capitalize on their strengths and the strengths of others
  • Apply the knowledge of personality type

Annual School Session

First Year Core Course

Competency: Leadership & Culture