9 Class Hours
Instructor: Scott Hein

The course develops a better understanding of current financial and business conditions in the U.S. and the world, with an emphasis on how these conditions influence and shape the financial performancof today’s’s community banks. Topics to be discussed include the business cycle, interest rates, the Federal Reserve System, bank reserve management, monetary policy, fiscal policy, international trade, and the current shape and evolving structure of the financial service sector in the U.S. The course builds a foundation from financial and monetary economics aimed at helping community bankers, and others in the industry, better understand, lead and manage for the future.

Key learning objectives of the course are to help community bankers better understand and explain:

  • Business conditions and how these influence bank performance and risks
  • Market forces and interest rates
  • The Federal Reserve System and monetary actions
  • Current fiscal policy
  • The current financial dealings with U.S. foreign trading partners

Annual School Session

First Year Core Course

Financial Management Track