9 Class Hours

Instructor: Rebecca Diaz

This course will offer insight into what today’s top leaders and managers can do to align their culture with their strategies. Do you understand your bank’s culture and how it affects your leadership and business strategies?  Do you know how to attract and retain top talent that is right for your bank?  How do you change and align your culture with your strategies and the markets in which you operate?  What is your sense for the urgency for change and your readiness to change?  These are just some of the questions that will be discussed in this course.

This course will include the completion of several assessment tools, as well as discussion around essential competencies required in today’s changing economy. It will provide the student with proven strategies for building your bank into a true “premier employer of choice.” It will also serve as the building block for your own continued personal assessment and development.


Annual School Session

Second Year Core Course

Competency: Leadership & Culture