Guest Post by GSBC Faculty Member Roger Guerin

“It is the faculty that makes the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado what it is today,” often states Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC) President Tim Koch, and I believe this to be of the utmost truth. Many of the brightest professionals in their respective fields have contributed to the success of GSBC, but one faculty member stands out as perhaps the most influential: Gaylord Jentz.

Gaylord taught business law at GSBC from 1975 to 2000 and had an uncanny ability of making the discussion, such as Uniform Commercial Code, into engaging subject matter. Aside from his 25 years teaching at GSBC, Gaylord Jentz taught at University of Texas, lectured throughout the country and authored, co-authored or edited six monographs and more than 60 books on business law.

Gaylord, along with his wife Joann, recognized the importance of team and hosted get-togethers during GSBC’s Annual School Sessions so faculty members could better know each other. This tradition continues through today, now in the form of nightly faculty receptions. Gaylord was instrumental in having faculty be a close and caring team for the students, a priority he established that remains in place today.

Gaylord was one of the few faculty members who have known, worked with and been a friend to all three of GSBC’s presidents. He agreed to assist the board of trustees in the early 2000s in strategic planning for the future of GSBC and was instrumental in the selection of current GSBC President Tim Koch. He also served as GSBC’s first faculty representative on the board of trustees, a position now held by 20-year faculty veteran Cathy Morrissey. Gaylord rightfully earned himself GSBC’s James C. Scarboro Memorial Award for Outstanding Banking Leadership in 2000.

After Gaylord’s passing in late 2009, GSBC established its Jentz Fellowship, which is awarded annually to a college professor who has an interest in banking to attend one week of its Annual School Session. The objective is to introduce a relatively new academic to the issues facing community bankers and to assist the recipient in identifying potential research topics.

Throughout his tenure at GSBC and beyond, Gaylord treated every student and faculty member with respect and gave each person genuine attention on whatever the subject was. He possessed an excellent memory for names and had a great sense of humor. Most importantly, he could laugh at himself. Gaylord’s class was a required course during his tenure, meaning every student during the 25 years he was on the faculty had the privilege of getting to know him as not only an expert in the field of business law, but also as a caring friend.


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