The University of Colorado Boulder has served GSBC well since the school’s founding in 1950, and has provided GSBC students an immaculate campus to learn and network. GSBC’s connection to the University of Colorado (CU) Boulder came about when the Colorado Bankers Association and the CU Boulder Board of Regents partnered to co-sponsor the organization and operation of the then-Colorado School of Banking. On December 18, 1959, the Regents of CU Boulder approved the request of the GSBC Board of Trustees to host the Annual School Session on campus indefinitely for two weeks every summer.

GSBC’s use of CU Boulder facilities has evolved throughout the years. Throughout GSBC history, classrooms were dispersed across campus and many students stayed in local hotels. Upon his hiring in 2001, GSBC President Tim Koch prioritized finding a method to centralize the school’s presence on campus in terms of classrooms and housing. Today, nearly all classes are held in the state-of-the-art Wolf Law building, with the exception of Bank Management Simulation classes which are held in the Kittredge Central, next door. Housing facilities available to GSBC students now include the newly renovated Kittredge Complex (adjacent to Wolf Law), Bear Creek Apartments and Williams Village East.

Explore below GSBC’s evolution on CU Boulder’s campus, the place the school calls home.

  • Darley Hall, situated center, was a common place for GSBC students to attend classes and eat meals from 1951-2010.

GSBC’s “Celebrate 70” campaign aims to engage the school’s students, alumni, faculty and supporters in a year-long commemoration of its history, accomplishments and traditions.

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