7 Class Hours

Instructor: David Peterson

We make thousands of decisions each day. Most are made subconsciously; even so, many of the conscience decisions we make are done on autopilot. As individuals and businesses, we proceed in most situations comfortable in the knowledge that we are operating at peak efficiency based on years of previous experience. In the face of a fast-paced and ever-changing world, we are blissfully unaware of the lost opportunities automated thinking represents. In short, we are not thinking about how we think. We react instead of thoughtfully respond. This is particularly critical for bankers for as future customers become younger, the need for true personal and corporate innovation is paramount.

This week long elective will take some of the critical issues facing current and future banking executives and apply the transformational growth principles of innovative thinking and creative solutions.

  • Session 1 – examines the need for creativity and innovation in banking. We will detail a methodology for thinking called “ThinkTime” and discuss how creativity and innovation will drive banking in the coming years.
  • Session 2 focuses on innovation in corporate banking. We will examine the three ways in which a bank can become a strategic to business customers.
  • Session 3 will be an interactive thinking and innovation workshop. We will examine strategic, creative and innovative thinking, problem solving and eliminating automated thinking. This session will be hands on, challenging you to think, innovate and collaborate.
  • Session 4 will complete the Transformational Growth series by examining the growth of FinTech and whether bankers will invest in, license or compete with these companies. We will brainstorm the key areas of financial services most likely ripe for innovation and provide each student with takeaways suitable for discussion with their institution’s senior management.

Annual School Session

Second/Third Year, First Week Elective Course

General Management & Technology Track