3.5 Hours

Instructor: Cassie Solomon

The traditional way of doing strategic planning is no longer fit for purpose.  In this capstone course,  you will learn how to do an updated kind of strategic planning to help you and your bank face a disruptive financial services environment. The goal is for you to leave this course and be equipped to influence the way your bank looks at strategic planning.  Traditional resource planning will always remain important, but now you will also know how to think about different possible futures and how best to prepare for them.

In this workshop you will use scenario planning to develop scenarios for the bank you have been leading in simulation. Our goal is to challenge your thinking and equip you to go home to influence the way your bank prepares for disruption. As William Gibson famously says, “The future is here, it just isn’t evenly distributed.” Learn to recognize the signals from the future that are hiding in plain sight, and use them to change the culture and strategic trajectory of your bank. This course will help you and your bank become future-ready.

Learning Objectives:

In this course you will learn how leaders and organizations become strong and “vigilant” instead of vulnerable. At the end of this course, students will be able to:

1). Define the characteristics of a vigilant organization and the characteristics of vigilant leaders as well as identify the characteristics of vulnerable organizations and leaders.

2). Create a foresight process for your institution that allows you to scan the environment for important signals of the future that will keep your institution and your leaders future-ready.

3). Design and deploy scenario planning techniques in your strategic planning work.

4). Develop the three capabilities of future-ready leaders: value disagreement, understand outside-in thinking, and learn through experimentation.

5). Strengthen strategy execution that creates clear accountability yet remains agile.


Annual School Session 

Third Year, Week 2 GSBCx Course

Competency: Innovation & Engagement