9 Class Hours

Instructor: Jason Mork

Most interactions in life are negotiations and we frequently negotiate without realizing we are doing so. A common misperception is that some people are better negotiators than others based on inherent personality traits. However, research tells us preparation is the number one differentiator in determining the likelihood of a successful negotiation. To to effectively prepare for negotiations, it is essential to understand the theory, tools and vocabulary required for effective negotiation analysis and planning. This class will provide you a foundation to analyze and prepare for negotiations. You will then have opportunities to practice different strategies while participating in a variety of negotiations. After each negotiation exercise, we will debrief and discuss: 1. Outcomes, 2. Inputs (planning), and 3. Strategies for future negotiations.

The goal of this course is for you to become a confident negotiator.

The learning objectives of this class are:

  • Diagnose your own negotiation and conflict management style
  • Identify different negotiation strategies
  • Effectively plan for negotiations
  • Understand the key components of the negotiation process
  • Improve your ability to negotiate desired outcomes in work situations


Annual School Session

Third Year Elective

Competency: Innovation & Engagement