7 Class Hours

Instructor: Regina Barr

Emotions are involved in every human interaction and are a powerful factor in the equation when individuals, teams, managers and organizations as a whole work together. Emotionally-driven behavior is highly visible, but it’s only the observable outcome of how you process your emotions and feelings. Your emotional intelligence (EQ) combined with your behavioral intelligence (DISC) has everything to do with the quality of decisions you make and on the results your company achieves.  And, whether you like it or not, your emotional intelligence has an impact on the people you interact with, manage or lead, including your customers.

EQ – not IQ – is the differentiating factor between being a high potential manager or a successful leader who gets the best collaboration, creativity and energy from their organization. Your ability to manage and leverage your emotional intelligence will directly impact your success no matter what your title or responsibilities.

As a participant, you will:

  • Learn how to understand and leverage your emotional and behavioral Intelligence to communicate more effectively, make better decisions, and achieve better outcomes and results.
  • Understand the business case and ROI for leveraging emotional and behavioral intelligence including the direct correlation to leadership effectiveness.
  • Better understand how negative emotions impact your performance – and that of others – in the workplace and how the STARR model can help you improve your leadership performance.
  • Understand team communication dynamics better in order to foster openness and trust with your teams, and identify strategies to help teams resolve conflict and solve problems.

Annual School Session

Second/Third Year, First Week Elective Course

Leadership & Human Resource Track