3.5 Hours

Instructors: Wayne Miller & Charles Potts

As banking continues to evolve and digital transformation becomes part of our everyday lives, it is critical for banking leaders to be equipped with the tools and resources to effectively engage with technology providers and fintechs. Today, new fintech partnerships can create greater profitability, increased efficiencies and better customer experiences, but the first step is dependent on how leaders approach this challenge with their teams and how they build this new thinking into their culture.

Join Wayne and Charles for this course where they will provide GSBC students with insights into relevant trends, history and a hands-on experience (Thinkathon) to better equip them to be true leaders of innovation in the constantly changing world of digital transformation. They will learn about the elements of digital transformation – its past, present and future – while also participating in a 90 minute “Thinkathon.”

The “Thinkathon” will focus on a set of pre-selected problem statements and the students will work in teams to develop a solution which they will pitch at a “shark tank”-type competition at the conclusion of the work session.

The objective is to help the students gain deeper understanding of the entire innovation process and give them exposure to the tools, strategy and approaches so they can be better leaders of change and adopters of innovation..


Annual School Session 

Third Year, Week 2 GSBCx Course

Competency: Innovation & Engagement