Speaker: Jerry Warrick

Today’s technology leaders are charged with aligning bank infrastructure and applications to adapt quickly to industry and organizational changes, provide business value in a nimble scalable manner, and be agile enough to work on multiple large projects with competing digital priorities.

Driving a culture of innovation requires strategic planning and a constant awareness of emerging technologies. This lunch and learn will offer best practices for leading IT in the new era including:

  • The impact of shifting from capital expenditures to operating
  • How IT organizational structures are changing and what are the new roles within them
  • How to keep up with ever-increasing compliance regulations and vendor management changes
  • The impact of fintech and digital transformation on the industry

Course Learning Objectives

This lunch and learn will offer each participant the opportunity to:

  • Understanding the depth and breadth of your existing IT investments and challenging the bank to ask the tough questions on if you are getting the value available to you
  • Understand the challenges in the IT environment that may be restrictive to the bank
  • Learn how today’s technology trends can assist in overcoming today’s challenges
  • Appreciate ways of setting and driving a culture of innovation and getting the most value out of staff

Annual School Session

Second Week Lunch & Learn Session