7 Class Hours

Instructor: Scott Polakoff

Rates are rising and deposits are becoming sparse and expensive. The banking regulators have cited “liquidity” as the next major bubble. Effective leaders must understand the true volatility of their funding base and establish strategies to combat liquidity risks. We must migrate from a “product centric” to a “customer centric” approach. This session will also focus on Customer Analytics, delving into the incredible amount of data available about people living in our targeted communities. We will better understand relationship banking by exploring the demographics, top lifestyle behaviors, top media behaviors, and financial profiles of our marketplace.

As leaders in your banks, after this session you will understand the key differences between core/non-core/wholesale funding as well as stable versus volatile funding. You will also gain an appreciation for the amount of customer data available and how to best use it to augment your bank’s liquidity position in the least costly way.

Annual School Session

Second/Third Year, Second Week Elective Course

Financial Management Track