5 Class Hours

Instructor: Bryan Wilken

Community banks are becoming more and more of a target for fraud and crime. Customers and the bank itself could be devastated with one incident.  The reputational risk to community banks could be irreparable as cyber crime and other types of fraud are focusing on the 4,000-plus community banks in the U.S. This class will cover the topics that, at minimum, need to be answered when leading at a community bank today. Whether you work on information security or you are just wanting to learn more about the real world threats, this class will cover the topics that are important to know about today and also have you get prepared when an incident hits your bank. Bryan will share what is current best practices around protecting information and today’s threats are. Will discuss real security incidents that our bank has worked through. We even let students play a role with an incident table that puts the decisions in their hands.

Topics to be covered:

  • What are we trying to protect?
  • Where is all of our data today in this digital world?
  • Regulations continuing to force action.
  • The key parts of a good information security program
  • Real world incident response activities on:
    • Corporate account take over
    • Consumer account take over
    • Employee mail compromise
    • Social engineering
    • Elder abuse
    • Debit card fraud


Annual School Session 

Second Year Elective Course

Track: Innovation & Engagement