7 Class Hours

Instructor: John Moeller

Cyber security strategies for information technology risk management advances in areas such as mobile technology, cloud computing and social media present opportunities to grow with our customers. The challenge of managing that growth in the face of rapid technology change and regulatory pressure can be daunting. Technology evangelist’s sound like this: “We need to move our Cloud to our iPhone, so we can have a Social Media channel in our electronic mobile payment strategy…”  What does that mean?  IN ENGLISH???

This course will explore current risks and trends in cyber fraud, and the corresponding technology challenges and opportunities faced by today’s banks. Participants will examine best practices in mobile technology, cloud computing, and social media. We will review case studies describing how the changing risks and technologies impact business operations and payment systems. Participants will leave with practical enterprise level strategies for managing the risks related to these opportunities in a manner that allows for growth and service enhancement.

The learning objectives of this course include:

  • Being able to describe risks, trends, and opportunities within emerging technologies
  • Being able to recognize and understand current risks and trends in cyber fraud/payment fraud and data breaches
  • Being able to define and describe key strategies and controls to prevent, monitor and mitigate risks
  • Leaving with clear strategies to manage and mitigate technology and payment fraud risks

Annual School Session

Second/Third Year, Second Week Elective Course

General Management & Technology Track