5 Hours

Instructors: Various

Learning Objectives

The Committed to Lead Micro-Credential, a Bolder Banking initiative, is supplementary coursework offered to second- and third-year students that is designed to build bold, future-oriented community bank leaders. By completing Committed to Lead coursework, students will have a greater understanding of what it takes to boldly lead a high-performing community bank into the future.

Committed to Lead requirements include:

CEO Perspectives

CEO Perspectives will be comprised of live and recorded, virtual interviews with a community bank CEO. During the school session, CEO Perspectives will consist of two sessions held after class. CEO Perspectives sessions will be delivered in the evenings of Tuesday, July 16, and Wednesday, July 17.

Development Needs of New CEOs Presentation + Workbook

In students’ free time, they will view the Development Needs of New CEOs presentation online recording. Upon viewing, students will complete an in-depth workbook that asks for their reflections on CEO Perspectives and the Development Needs of New CEOs presentation. The workbook will also challenge students  to design a personal development plan to aid in their long-term career goals.

Graduate from GSBC

Successfully graduating from GSBC requires students to complete all years of classes with demonstrated attendance, pass all exams and receive satisfactory grades on their intersession projects. As part of graduating, third-year students will have taken the three GSBCx Readiness courses. The aforementioned workbook will also ask students to identify their key takeaways from the GSBCx courses.

Participation in the Committed to Lead micro-credential program is voluntary. Those who elect to participate will be recognized at graduation and receive a digital certificate and seal. Registrants are eligible to receive continuing professional education (CPE) credits.


Annual School Session

Second/Third Year Elective Course

Track: Financial Management & Strategy, Innovation & Engagement, Leadership & Culture