5 Class Hours

Instructor: Natalie Bartholomew 

In today’s changing community bank landscape, the customer experience reaches far beyond the traditional teller line into digital and community arenas. Has your bank developed a strategy to ensure that your customers have a similar experience across all channels? In this course, you’ll learn how the customer experience stretches beyond the branch and how you, regardless of your role within the bank, can be a voice of change to improve your bank’s approach to servicing your customers.

Topics covered include:

  • The role of social media in the customer experience
    • Overview of each platform
    • Understanding of personal branding and how it relates to your bank’s marketing efforts
  • How consistency is the key to establishing a strong customer experience
  • How the employee experience ultimately affects the customer experience
  • How each community banker plays a part in establishing your bank’s customer experience


Annual School Session 

Second Year Elective Course

Competency: Innovation & Engagement