9 Class Hours

Instructor: JP Nicols

It’s a whole new world in banking. The competition is getting stronger, and is no longer limited to just other banks. Every part of the traditional banking business model is under attack by creative and well-funded new competitors from Silicon Valley and beyond. As a part of their leadership development, today’s bankers need to understand this changing landscape, and they need to be able to navigate their teams and their organizations through it. In this course we will look at the innovation drivers behind these dramatic shifts, with a view on the changing definition of competitiveness in banking. The lectures, case studies and hands-on exercises will integrate innovation strategies and the change processes that are needed to not just survive, but to thrive in this new world of banking.

Learning objectives of this course are to:

  • Create a broader perspective of the changing competitive landscape in banking, including established and emerging providers (some of which are a direct threat to existing banking revenue streams and others which could potentially be bank partners)
  • Develop new skills in discovering, creating and implementing new ideas in the risk-adverse and highly regulated environment of banking
  • Build competence for students to generate, evaluate and implement new ideas and lead and manage change in their organizations
  • Integrate new knowledge and skills with existing knowledge and skills to help students create new business outcomes at their banks.

Annual School Session

Third Year, First Week Elective Course

Financial Management Track