5 Class Hours

Instructor: Kyle Thomas

Artificial intelligence (AI) hit the technology industry with a splash and has caused a lot of hype in a short amount of time. But as the hype recedes and gives way to real-life use, the possibilities and limitations of AI are becoming clearer. Like many technology advancements, the implications are not felt first in community banking, but they will arrive.

Thus, the time is right for community bankers to build their understanding and position themselves to leverage these advancements in ways that make sense for their business model. This elective will explain how AI works from the standpoint of a business leader, not a technologist. It will explore the risks and current regulatory viewpoint on AI and finally highlight use cases that are already in place across the financial services sector to help you develop a strategy for AI in your bank.

Attendees will come away from this course with:

  • An understanding of how AI works from the perspective of a business leader,
  • How to develop an AI strategy that is appropriate for your bank,
  • what governance and infrastructure will be necessary given your strategy, and
  • what to keep an eye on from a regulatory perspective.


Annual School Session 

Second Year Elective Course

Competency: Innovation & Engagement