9 Class Hours

Instructor: David L. Peterson

As FI executives look to meet current and future challenges, technology has become a great equalizer. Now more than ever, creativity and core competence in operations, payments, and technology is what differentiates community FIs for long-term success in the increasingly commoditized world of financial services. Join us for a candid review of the 4 technology trends that your institution has to get right and the challenges facing today’s emerging leaders. Learn what you must know now to leverage technology and capitalize strategically on the biggest opportunities for growing your institution.

This class series will examine the following 5 critical Technolog-E Trends:

  • Session 1 – Enable examines the changing nature of who makes up customers of the financial institution and what types of services they demand.  We will look at changing demographics; what expectations will future customers have for digital banking and the impact on retail banking operations.
  • Session 2 – Engage (Part 1) will focus on the social media and its impact on banking technology. We will further examine digital advertising and explore potential new services such as banking via virtual reality.   The technology to create interaction and engagement within virtual experiences and the transition from traditional banking technologies will be critical to keep the FI from becoming commoditized.
  • Session 3 – Engage (Part 2) details the technology changes that will be needed to change retail branches from transactions to engagement.  Its all about how technology can positively effect the customer experience (CX).  This session will deliver an alternative view of how the branch can be transformed to thrill and delight future customers.
  • Session 4 – eCommerce will look at the issues surrounding the shared revenue opportunities that eCommerce represents.  The proper application of technology and marketing that allows for specific and targeted offers to be presented to end-users at the appropriate time and place will be a game-changer for tomorrow’s successful bankers.  This session will examine all of the relevant issues of eCommerce, its future as a revenue generator for the bank and how it can be successfully deployed.
  • Session 5 Extrapolate – will complete the series with a look at how successful FIs will provide end-users with critical data about their financial well-being.  While products like Personal Financial Managers (PFMs) detail what has already occurred, the smart FI executive will provide customers with a look ahead, providing financial wisdom on issues such as purchases and intelligent money management.  This session also includes a look at business online banking. We will also wrap up the entire series with an examination of how you can advance technology at your institution.

Annual School Session

First Year Core Course

Track: Innovation & Engagement