Guest post by Kevin Erickson on behalf of the GSBC Board of Trustees

As we near the end of the fourth month of COVID-19, the economy has begun to reopen with concurrent fears of a resurgence, and as we learn to deal with a new list of banking challenges, we also prepare for a summer without the 70th historic year of Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC) classes in Boulder. More than 500 bankers, examiners, faculty and alumni had planned to attend GSBC events in Boulder this July to reconnect, create new friendships and continue on with the rich tradition of learning at our premiere community banking school.

While community bankers have done an amazing job stepping up to the various challenges over the past few months, the staff at GSBC has also been working to continually educate bankers in new and innovative ways. GSBC continues to support our industry through live virtual learning, virtual networking and, as always, timely articles from our network of experts.

Throughout the past 70 years, GSBC has weathered several different economic challenges as many of your banks have as well. With their endless commitment to our industry, the faculty and staff of GSBC continue to evolve and lead the way in banker education throughout these challenges and times of uncertainty. Please know GSBC is eager and ready to return to in-person networking and content delivery as soon as it is safe to do so.

Additional opportunities will be available to engage with GSBC remotely throughout the year and eventually in person, and I encourage you to take advantage of all GSBC has to offer.

Take care and be safe.

Kevin Erickson, Market President
Independent Financial, Longmont, CO
GSBC Trustee / GSBC ’05