Strategies to Own the Future Business of Your New PPP Clients


Date & Format

  • 1 p.m. MT, August 27, 2020, via Zoom Video Communications
  • Presentation (45 minutes), Q&A (15 minutes)


In the business development process, there is a natural building of rapport and credibility prior to the prospect becoming a customer and completing an initial transaction.

During the PPP process, community banks had the opportunity to onboard many new customers while they worked tirelessly to help both new and existing customers through the process.

In this webinar, we are going to discuss tangible things bankers can do in the first 90-120 days after acquiring a new customer to ensure the relationship with them becomes long-term. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Building powerful credibility by first meeting a new borrower where they are. These powerful strategies are designed to understand the importance of seeing the new customer’s business as it sits today.
  • Learning how to quickly provide your new borrower information and insights. We will walk through how to find quick information and how to use that to separate yourself from your competitors. The goal is to make the new customer think, ‘Wow, I made a great decision!’
  • Effectively timing and presenting your cross-sell opportunities. Done too early in this process, it can be more detrimental to the long-term relationship and done too late, bankers may be rendered ineffective in their efforts.
  • Defining the long-term buyer journey. This cutting-edge strategy is designed to make sure you are constantly providing value and the new borrower can clearly see the difference between your offerings and your competitors’. This strategy alone will increase your retention of these new accounts as well as your existing accounts.

About the Speaker

This webinar will be presented by Larry Young, owner of Boiling Frog Development.

Recommended Audience

CEOs, presidents, loan officers, public relations personnel and personal bankers/tellers.

GSBC’s Virtual Learning Series is being offered as a service to community banks experiencing unprecedented challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. For more resources on how GSBC is keeping our constituents informed and connected, click here.