Achieving GSBC’s Mission & Vision

The Board of Trustees of the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado approved a strategic plan in May 2022 which affirms the school’s commitment to building community bank leaders. It will be essential for these leaders to not just lead the bank as a “business,” but serve as thought leaders and drivers of the industry’s continued evolution of what it means to be a community bank. We have cast the following vision to articulate our aim.

GSBC Vision

GSBC is committed to building leaders for banks focused on fueling vibrant communities. The graduates of GSBC are equipped to serve consumers, businesses and farmers in their best economic interest. GSBC graduates are forward thinking and innovative, able to respond to changing events and positively contribute to the continued evolution of community banking.

We believe in the power of the GSBC network–the building of relationships between individuals. This human connection enhances the educational value and serves as a lifetime resource for solutions and innovation.

GSBC believes in the power of community as a sustainable source of opportunity, inclusion, and economic development.

By building leaders, creating a mindset of innovation, emphasizing the power of relationships and community, GSBC will positively contribute to the economic fabric for the benefit of all Americans.

Desired Outcome: Community Bank Leader

To achieve this vision, we must have a shared goal of the type of community banker we seek to develop. Based on input from a wide range of stakeholders, the banker we want to develop will be passionate about the role and value of community banking, will have an enhanced understanding of banking and  people and possess specific leadership traits.

The industry needs bankers with an enhanced level of appreciation and understanding in three key areas:

  1. Scope of the enterprise. The functions of each area and how they connect across the institutions.
  2. People and motivations. The ability to relate to and motivate people in and outside of the bank.
  3. Community impact. The critical role a strong community bank plays in economic development and opportunity.

The following leadership traits will be critical to lead a bank, the industry and community:

  1. Ability to lead and change corporate culture.
  2. Desire to be a servant leader for staff, community and the industry.
  3. Embrace disruption by being a catalyst for change.
  4. Future-oriented mindset.

Curriculum Philosophy

To achieve this vision and outcome, we will strive for the curriculum and each course to be developed around these elements:

  1. Essentials
  2. Leaders
  3. Readiness


We believe the fundamentals of banking matter. While technology and use of data are rapidly changing how banking is conducted, the skills to manage a balance sheet and income statement are paramount. The relationship aspect of banking and the ability to customize solutions remains a cornerstone of community banking. With GSBC’s attention to Essentials, we will provide community bank leaders with a solid foundation on the critical aspects of banking.


The industry needs leaders across all disciplines to drive the continued evolution of the industry and communities. We believe in the essential elements of leadership, self-awareness and culture as critical to lead the organization for the long term. We believe leaders have a responsibility to positively impact challenging issues within the bank, community and industry.


Community bank leaders need to be ready for an uncertain, challenging and exciting future. Change and opportunity are constants. We want our students to understand emerging issues and practices. The future is not predictable, but understanding possible outcomes is possible. We believe in strategic thinking and a bias toward action.

GSBCx Readiness Courses

In week two of the third year of the Annual School Session, students experience GSBCx, a series of three courses centered around the Readiness component of the GSBC curriculum. The intent is to provide a discussion-based, small-group learning environment that stretches soon-to-be-graduates’ thinking and foresight about the future of community banking and their respective roles. GSBCx courses include:


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