The GSBC Board of Trustees on May 25, 2022, unanimously approved a strategic plan for GSBC. The plan establishes a long-term direction for the school while honoring the GSBC’s legacy and those who built it. The board affirmed the school’s commitment to building leaders for community banks. While the financial services landscape has changed significantly, we have no interest in expanding our market focus beyond community banks. We believe community banks will continue to evolve and innovate as they have since the founding of this country. We intend to do our part by helping to build the leaders to do just that.

There are three approaches aligned with our history and values that will drive our strategic plan:
Educate. Innovate. Connect.


Education is our purpose.  But the “why” adds a whole new level of importance. We need community bankers who are equipped to serve customers, businesses, farmers and ranchers in their best economic interest. Community bank leaders build communities as a sustainable source of opportunity, inclusion and innovation.


We need to be bold in our thinking to drive innovation in the industry and GSBC. Bankers need to be forward thinking and innovative. They need the skills and ability to act in the next crisis or the next opportunity no matter what form that takes. GSBC must continuously enhance the curriculum to educate and challenge. We must be prepared to innovate our approaches to education to meet the needs of adult learners as they change.


We believe in the power of the GSBC network that has been built by decades of connections. Relationships serve as a lifeline resource for solutions and innovation. Technology will continue to transform how we live and conduct financial services, but the connections between people matter.

For 72 years, GSBC has been building community bank leaders. The school’s experience, legacy and network provide us the confidence and support to continue that mission as the needs of the industry continue to evolve. We will build community bank leaders for the future; our communities deserve nothing less.