Scholarship application windows have closed for 2024. See the recipients.

Alumni Association Scholarship

The GSBC Alumni Association awards scholarships to 10 community bankers annually. Applicants must complete an online application, and the best-qualified applicants are selected by the Alumni Advisory Board. Applicants need not be from a specific state, nor be affiliated with any particular banking association to qualify.

    • 2024 Scholarship Amount: $1,675
    • Student Status: Must enroll as a first-year student
    • Application Deadline: February 1 annually

Bolder Banking Scholarship

Bolder Banking Scholarships are offered to co-sponsoring state bankers associations’ member banks exhibiting innovative approaches to serving their customers, communities and local economies. Banks can then designate the scholarship to an employee of the organization to attend GSBC’s Annual School Session.

  • 2024 Scholarship Amount: $1,675
  • Recipient Status: Recipient banks must be a member of a participating association and their designated candidate must enroll in GSBC as a first-year student
  • Application Deadline: February 1 annually

If your bank is a member of one of the below associations, contact their respective education departments for details.

Eligible Associations:

  • Arkansas Bankers Association
  • Colorado Bankers Association
  • Idaho Bankers Association
  • Iowa Bankers Association
  • Kansas Bankers Association
  • Kentucky Bankers Association
  • Minnesota Bankers Association
  • Missouri Bankers Association
  • Montana Bankers Association
  • Nebraska Bankers Association
  • New Mexico Bankers Association
  • North Dakota Bankers Association
  • Oklahoma Bankers Association
  • South Dakota Bankers Association
  • Western Bankers Association
  • Wyoming Bankers Association


Intermediate Banking School Scholarships

The Intermediate Banking School Scholarship is offered through the intermediate-level banking schools listed below. The awards are typically offered to one of the top graduates of the school each calendar year. Scholarship offers are made by Intermediate School administrators to a graduate of their respective intermediate-level banking school.

  • 2024 Scholarship Amount: $1,675
  • Student Status: Students may enroll as a first- or second-year direct student

Participating Schools:

  • Dakota School of Banking
  • Iowa School of Banking
  • Kansas/Nebraska Advanced School of Banking
  • Kentucky General School of Banking
  • Missouri School of Bank Management
  • Oklahoma Bankers Association Intermediate School
  • Texas Tech School of Banking

Application Deadline: Contact your respective intermediate school’s administrator for more information.