Students of the Annual School Session apply classroom concepts to their own institution’s data by completing a total of six intersession projects. Three projects will be completed after year one and three projects will be completed after year two in the program. Projects must be completed and receive an acceptable grade before a student can progress to the next year of the program.

Each project requires students to use information obtained during the school session to examine issues directly related to their institutions. Projects are designed to provide direct takeaways to enhance organizational performance.

First Year Projects

Driving Financial Performance Project

Utilizing the methodologies taught in the Driving Financial Performance course, this project challenges students to analyze the condition and performance of their bank.

Asset Liability Management Project

This project looks at performance and risk issues to develop an overall risk profile of the bank. Recommendations are crafted based on current and projected economic conditions.

Peer Group Collaboration Project

Each peer group identifies a topic they would like to address collectively, focusing on a range of views and solutions to the issue.

Second Year Projects

Organizational Culture Project

The project leads the student through a process to diagnose the institution’s current culture, preferred culture in five years, and a strategy to move the organization in that direction.

Strategic Planning in Today’s Environment

This project utilizes the methodologies taught in the Planning (ERM) and Loan Portfolio Management courses to create a risk profile of the bank.

Strategic Topic Project with option of Signals Group Participation

The Strategic Topic Project is a customized project to address a specific issue for the benefit of the bank. This is an opportunity for students to use their GSBC education to explore an area they are passionate about and potentially have an impact on the bank’s performance.
Up to 24 students per year can elect to be part of GSBC’s Signals Group. Students investigate and educate their peers on technologies, innovations and trends that are shaping the future of the industry and bankers.