The Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC) has announced the launch of its newest educational products, GSBC + Invest, designed to equip community banks with reliable and impartial information to enhance investment-portfolio performance.

Invest is GSBC’s answer to the need of community banks to have a trusted and impartial source of education and information on managing the investment portfolio. With the current market and banks flushed with liquidity, the need has never been greater,” said GSBC President Michael Stevens.

The subscription bundles four educational products designed to inform the various stakeholders that affect investment strategy and decisions at community banks:

  • Quarterly Updates will inform all levels of stakeholders on market conditions and portfolio opportunities via webinars.
  • A virtual Bond Basics course will provide portfolio managers and individuals new to bank investments training on the mechanics and fundamentals of fixed-income investments from a community-banking perspective.
  • The Community Bank Investments School will be hosted in Denver, Colo., and provide individuals who have completed Bond Basics (or related training) with hands-on instruction on analyzing their bank’s own securities and potential investments, live on Bloomberg terminals.
  • The Executive Management Economic & Investment Forum will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nev., and provide a market outlook for executives and directors making strategic asset allocation and funding decisions.

The inaugural Quarterly Update webinar is scheduled for December 2021.

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