GSBC is proud to announce a groundbreaking shift in student assessments for its Annual School Session with the introduction of the Experience & Action Journal. Departing from traditional exams, this innovative tool aims to provide a more comprehensive understanding of student learning and real-world application within the banking industry.

At the heart of this initiative is the recognition that conventional tests often fall short in capturing the nuanced takeaways and practical applications of banking education. Unlike standardized exams, which primarily focus on the memorization of facts, the Experience & Action Journal prompts students to reflect on their unique insights, experiences and career aspirations garnered from each course.

This holistic approach to assessment not only enhances student learning by encouraging peer discussion and collaboration but also equips them with valuable insights and strategies to drive success in their respective institutions.

“Our objective with the Experience & Action Journal is to provide students with a tool to reflect and act on their take-aways after they return to their organizations after their two weeks in Boulder,” stated GSBC President & CEO Michael Stevens. “This will also be a mechanism for impactful discussions with the bank’s leadership, engaging others in the student’s educational experience.”

The journal, launching exclusively for first-year students in 2024, covers foundational principles of banking such as leadership fundamentals, business development, business law, lending and technology. The journal encourages students to identify their personal takeaways and outline actionable steps for future development aligned with their organizational and career goals.

Students are encouraged to download or print the journal prior to sessions for real-time notetaking and reflection. Dedicated time for journaling and completion will be scheduled each week, ensuring that students can fully engage with the material. Upon completion of the program, students will have access to their completed workbooks for ongoing reflection and follow through on action items.

The Experience & Action Journal represents another innovation to the traditional graduate banking school education model offered by GSBC, among which include its powerful Peer Group Program and innovative course offerings such as the Committed to Lead micro-credential, Hard Questions student roundtables and third-year GSBCx readiness courses. The school’s aim is to foster creative thinking, bold ideas and collaboration among community bank leaders to secure a successful and vibrant future for the industry.