Guest post by the Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau; Photo credit: Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau

The town of Boulder, with its iconic Flatirons mountains, historic downtown and blue skies is more than just a pretty setting for the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC). Known as an epicenter for education, innovation and research, this city at the foot of the Rockies is sure to be a catalyst for discovery, inspiration and wisdom during your stay—with plenty of adventure, unparalleled views and good food along the way!

When you come to Boulder for GSBC, you’re joining an educational legacy that goes back to 1860 when residents put in an ambitious bid to be the site of the first state university in Colorado. In 1876, the University of Colorado opened, with the first few students having to hop through cattle turnstiles and hike up hills to get to classes.

Over time, the presence of the university shaped Boulder into one of the most highly educated and progressive cities in the nation. Today, it tops the list of cities in Bloomberg’s Brain Concentration Index, a study that measures the per-capita levels of advance degrees and STEM jobs. Boulder is also home to a huge number of tech startups and 17 national science labs, including the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Another 19th century catalyst in Boulder’s development was the arrival of the Chautauqua movement. Boulder’s Colorado Chautauqua started in 1898 at the foot of the stunning Flatirons, and instantly became one of the nation’s most beautiful vacation spots and made proximity to the outdoors a key value of the community.

While you immerse yourself in two weeks of rigorous professional development and networking at GSBC, we hope you’ll also have a chance to explore a few of the 150 miles of pine-forested trails or try a new adventure like rock climbing, tubing, aerial dance… or goat yoga!

3 Iconic Sights Not to Miss

  1. The Flatirons & Chautauqua Park

Boulder’s iconic reddish-brown slanting sandstone formations are located just one mile from GSBC’s classroom facilities, and we feel confident the Flatirons will knock your socks off up close. Stop by for a quick photo op, lace up your sneakers for a hike or just grab an ice cream at the Chautauqua General Store, located at the foot of the mountains.

  1. Pearl Street Mall

Pearl Street is the heart and soul of Boulder, and has been for more than 40 years. Four blocks of the street are closed to traffic, creating a brick-paved promenade lined with award-winning eateries, shops and coffeehouses. Locals and visitors stroll, linger on sun-dappled benches, shop to their hearts’ content and stop to watch only-in-Boulder street performers.

  1. Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

This architecturally dazzling Persian teahouse was a gift from a sister city in Tajikistan. It was hand-carved and painted, shipped to Boulder in boxes and reassembled in a beautiful spot next to Boulder Creek. Stop in to sample some eight dozen teas, have lunch or simply take a look around.

Plus 3 Hidden Gems You Should See

  1. On Campus: Astronauts, Olympians & A LEGO® Version of Boulder

Venture to the other side of campus to the CU Heritage Center on the third floor of CU’s historic Old Main. You’ll find an amazing collection of space-travel ephemera from Boulder’s 20 astronauts and a tribute to CU’s Olympic athletes (dozens of them). Also tucked away inside the museum is the “Hit the Bricks!” exhibit, a miniature LEGO version of CU and Boulder constructed by master builders.

  1. On Pearl Street: Drawers Full of Jewels

Heading out for dinner on Pearl Street? Get down there a little early to check out Classic Facets, with gleaming cases of high-end vintage jewelry — much of it rare and priced accordingly. However, if you ask politely, they’ll let you paw through a stash of wooden drawers in the back of the shop, plainly labeled “blue bracelets,” “green earrings,” “pink necklaces,” and so on. They contain piles of precious baubles for a steal.

  1. Over the Weekend: Taste Cutting-Edge Pastries

Dry Storage is a bakery in quiet North Boulder helmed by James Beard-nominated chef Kelly Whitaker (of the Boulder restaurant Basta). Chef Whitaker founded the Noble Grain Alliance and is pioneering the use of heirloom, milled-to-order grains to delightful effect. Try the sumptuous Masa Tea Cake or the Rye Smorrebred (with smoked salmon, radish and dill).

Come Back for More

If you get a taste of a few things you like while you’re in Boulder during GSBC, we invite you to come back with your family or friends. We guarantee that all the things you like about Boulder, you’ll love tenfold when you return for vacation. Check out hundreds of trip ideas here.

We are excited to host GSBC students, faculty and alumni for its 70th Annual School Session and welcome you to be part of Boulder’s educational legacy. If there’s anything we can do to help you enjoy your time in Boulder—from visitor guides to dining recommendations—please call us at 303-442-2911.


GSBC’s “Celebrate 70” campaign aims to engage the school’s students, alumni, faculty and supporters in a year-long commemoration of its history, accomplishments and traditions.

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