For 70 years, the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC) has been America’s premier community banking school. Since 1950, GSBC has been entrusted by the financial services industry to develop its leaders with world-class education and unmatched networking opportunities, all at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

Reflecting on GSBC’s history, I can’t help but think of our 70th anniversary theme, “Celebrate.” From where GSBC was in 1950 to now, the list of achievements to celebrate is immeasurable. Providing professional growth. Forging relationships. Supporting community banking. It’s time to celebrate all that GSBC has been and is today, in addition to looking forward to what it will be.

I look around and feel fortunate to collaborate with industry leaders to continue building upon what GSBC embodies: providing the premier educational experience for community bankers, helping them realize their professional potential. Banking’s ever-evolving landscape has challenged GSBC to remain on the cusp of new trends to ensure students are receiving the highest quality education in the industry, a challenge for which we remain ready to tackle.

I can hardly put into words how grateful I am to have watched GSBC grow exponentially and know fully the credit goes to each one of its stakeholders–students, alumni, trustees, faculty, supporters, co-sponsoring associations and staff. Their commitment to providing the GSBC experience for each student we educate–more than 8,000 over the past 70 years–is the reason we are the organization we are today. I have never been more confident in GSBC’s future as we hit this tremendous milestone.

By Timothy W. Koch, Ph.D., President, Graduate School of Banking at Colorado


GSBC’s “Celebrate 70” campaign aims to engage the school’s students, alumni, faculty and supporters in a year-long commemoration of its history, accomplishments and traditions.

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