Zach has more than years of banking experience all within the lending and credit areas of community banks. He started off as a credit analyst, then was a commercial lender, and has since ventured back into the credit area in a myriad of roles. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Credit at Northeast Bank in Minneapolis, a commercially focused, $700+ million community bank.

His current responsibilities include oversight of the bank’s loan portfolio and direct management of the internal loan operations and credit underwriting staff.  He is chairperson of the bank’s two loan approval committees, a member of the Asset/Liability Management and Strategic Planning Committees, oversees the appraisal and loan review functions, and manages loan participations. He is the SBA lending manager with direct responsibility for the eligibility determination, processing, and closing of SBA loans.

Zach is a graduate of the RMA MN Chapter’s Commercial Lending Academy, ABA’s Advanced Commercial Lending School, the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado in 2017 with honors and the GSBC Community Banking Investment School in 2022. After graduating from GSBC in 2017, he has stayed connected with the school by acting as a mentor and strategic topic advisor for four years. Zach is currently an instructor at the Minnesota Bankers Association Commercial Lending Academies and enjoys bringing his experiences and perspectives from both his career and time spent learning into his teaching.

Zach is a lifelong Minnesota resident, and a proud husband and father to three wonderful daughters.