Tim Ohlde has 36 years of experience in community banking, including extensive agriculture lending knowledge and more than 20 years serving as president of Elk State Bank. Early in his career, Ohlde was responsible for enhancing loan portfolio quality and created a proprietary analysis system. This eventually led to the creation of Country Banker Systems, LLC, a loan analysis software company where he also serves as CEO. Ohlde was raised on a dairy farm a few miles from his current residence and has maintained his connection to agriculture. In his career, he has drawn on not only his farm background and experience, but also his degree in Agricultural Education, with an emphasis on ag economics from Kansas State University.

Ohlde was previously a board member of the Banker’s Bank of Kansas and was also a member of the executive committee at the Farm Financial Standards Council. Locally, he serves in various capacities at his church and on the board of a local trust established for the good of the Clyde area.

Education is a focal point for Ohlde . He has taught at more than 50 banking schools while being the guest lecturer at numerous conferences, workshops and classes throughout the Midwest. He has taught for the Nebraska Bankers Association/Kansas Bankers Association Schools of Banking, the North Dakota School of Banking and, most recently, for the Louisiana Bankers Association. He recently teamed with Barret School of Banking in Memphis, Tennessee, to develop and deliver a virtual agriculture lending course. He estimates he has taught more than 3,000 bankers, farmers and students in 10 states. His goal is to help fellow lenders and borrowers more effectively use loan analysis, cash flow application, ratio analysis and proforma statements.