Shandy currently works at Arvest Bank as a commercial loan manager and leads a team of commercial lenders. As a producing loan manager, Shandy is primarily responsible for representing Arvest in the community as well as assisting our lending team and clients. She spent 14 years in commercial lending in Oklahoma City prior to joining Arvest in 2016. She is a graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. Shandy has been married to Chris for the last 21 years and they have three children. Shandy’s bank is an active member of the Oklahoma Bankers Association.

GSBC helped me become a better community banker and I look forward to educating others regarding all this school has to offer. The classes are informative, relevant and key to growing in this industry. That being said, by far my favorite part were the relationships I made that will truly last a lifetime. Spending two weeks in Boulder during July wasn’t bad either! My time there was invaluable and I am honored to serve as an ambassador for this wonderful organization.

Shandy’s career area(s): Commercial lending/management

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