Randy Woodward is a Managing Director in the Fixed Income Capital Markets division at Raymond James Financial. Randy has unique experience and depth of knowledge in the fixed income industry.

Randy began his career at Bloomberg from 1988 to 1995, working in a range of areas including training, editorial, programming, and sales. Randy became a fixed income broker in 1995, and has developed a proven track record of helping institutional clients manage safe and sound bond portfolios. Given his unique skill set, Randy provides his clients an advanced service that no other broker can offer. Whether they have access to a Bloomberg or rely on brokers for screen shots, it’s imperative they understand in detail the screens that are provided to them, and more importantly, they need to understand what can be manipulated, altered, or omitted.

Randy’s primary objective as a broker is to not only “protect” his clients, but also to educate them on how to better protect themselves, as well as making better investment decisions and executions.