Donald “Don” Musso founded FinPro, Inc. in 1987 and it has become a nationally known thought leader in Community Banking.  In 2012, Don also formed FinPro Capital Advisors, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary of FinPro to conduct Capital Market and Investment Banking Activities.

Don has a diverse background and skillset. In addition to his 27 years of experience at FinPro and FCA, Don has started numerous denovo’s (several as a founder), is a large investor in Community Banks, is a member of various bank Boards and teaches for elite banking programs.  He also frequently discusses community bank policy with all of the Banking agencies in Washington DC.

Don is a recognized expert in value creation for banks, strategic planning, loan and deposit growth, internal risk assessments, asset/liability management, customer segmentation and delivery alternatives, de novo bank formation and investment banking.

Don is a frequent speaker at various trade association functions and teaches at various banking schools. He has authored numerous articles and papers on community banking and is frequently quoted in various banking publications.

Don earned a B.S. in Finance from Villanova University and a M.B.A. in Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University.