David Peterson has inspired countless audiences to rethink how innovation happens in their organization. His insight and actionable content helps leaders foster a culture of innovation that encourages workforce diversity and instills accountability for driving growth. As the Chief  Innovation Officer of First National Bankers Bank (FNBB) of Baton Rouge LA, David is a tireless advocate for rethinking the role of innovation in a corporate setting. David understands the critical need to combat status quo thinking to achieve sustainable profits and competitiveness in any industry. He shares real world strategies and tools to foster a creative mindset, convert creativity into innovation and empowers attendees to be innovative where they are regardless of job function or title.

Peterson’s Innovation Driven Growth (IDG) content focuses on assisting enterprises in igniting enterprise-wide innovation. Content includes innovation keynotes, workshops and challenges. David’s focus at FNBB is creating an environment where every individual is encouraged to look for innovations that spur growth, regardless of their size. David is a sought-after speaker at financial services regional and national industry events. David is also the author of the best-selling book Grounded: Anchor Management for Strategic Leadership and Effective Decision-Making (Little River Publishing, 2016). His approach to strategic innovation and fun engaging workshops and thinking challenges has been praised by C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs and millennials.

David is the former founder and CEO of Goldleaf Technologies, a leading provider of electronic payments software and a pioneer in the fintech industry. David also served as EVP of Q2 and President of U.S. Dataworks. He currently serves on the boards of PaymentsFirst, the American Cannabis Bankers Association (ACBA), ArgosRisk and softgiving. David is also a serial entrepreneur, having created multiple start-ups in retail and professional services.