Chasity Dschaak serves as the FDIC’s Senior Capital Markets and Securities Specialist for the Kansas City Region. Chasity previously served as a Capital Markets Policy Analyst in the Capital Markets Branch of the Division of Risk Management Supervision. She joined the FDIC in 1999, became a Commissioned Examiner in 2002, and served as a Senior Risk Examiner and Capital Markets Subject Matter Expert through 2015. Throughout her career, she has been involved in complex capital markets matters with her activities in this area including reviewing institutions with excessive interest rate and liquidity risk or inadequate risk management programs, assessing mortgage banking departments using derivatives products, and evaluating structured finance products and municipal securities.

Chasity has also represented the FDIC in various other capital markets issues, including serving in key roles during development of a video series concerning the evaluation of municipal securities, and a separate series concerning the assessment of interest rate risk. She has been a presenter at the region’s Directors’ College program, and she played a key role in the FDIC’s “Deep Dive” review of potential interest rate risk at certain banks. Chasity has completed details as an Acting Case Manager, Special Assistant to the Regional Director, Special Assistant to the Deputy Regional Directors, Acting Supervisory Examiner, and has been involved in several training initiatives including serving as an instructor for the FFIEC’s Interest Rate Risk Workshop.