Brad Olson is President and CEO of Olson Research Associates, Inc., a firm that has been in the bank financial modeling & education business for over 45 years. Since joining the firm in 1989 Brad has guided the firm from its focus on custom A/L modeling software to its web-based service bureau product A/L BENCHMARKS. Brad is also one of the key developers of the firm’s training & education programs, including their highly interactive simulation BANKdynamics.

During his time with the firm Brad has helped design three generations of Olson’s financial modeling tools and now serves as the firm’s Chief Executive. Brad received his BS in Computer Science from East Carolina University, and his MBA from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. On a day-to-day basis, he works directly with bankers, examiners, and auditors, helping them measure and monitor interest rate risk (IRR). He has developed several workshops used by large-bank training programs and a web-based course on Interest Rate Risk Management for CSBS. In addition, he conducts educational seminars for various state banking associations and banking schools. He is also a regular presenter at several industry association conferences.