DENVER, COLO. – May 23, 2019 – The Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (GSBC) is pleased to announce the completion of its second annual Community Bank Investments School.

Twenty-eight community bankers from around the country completed the training, held May 19-23, at University of Colorado Denver Business School in Downtown Denver. The training is designed to provide participants an independent critique of opportunities and risks in better managing an investment portfolio.

Over the course of the school, expert faculty used live information from Bloomberg to introduce and build on key concepts and examine specific investment instruments. Participants brought information related to their respective institutions’ actual portfolios and collaborated with investment specialists on strategies.

“CBIS is filling an important void in banking education as it’s offering an independent educational lens for industry professionals to increase their knowledge and skillsets in a very complex area of banking,” said GSBC President Tim Koch. “It has been, and will continue to be, an excellent addition to GSBC’s umbrella of programs which are all designed to ensure the long-term success of our nation’s community banks.”

The Community Bank Investments School is one of four annual GSBC programs. Enrollment for GSBC’s 69th Annual School Session and the Workshop on Community Bank Investments is open. Please visit for more details.